Anastasia Schipanova represents new generation of emerging Russian artists who are gradually capturing art professionals and enthusiasts’ interest. She ventured into her solo art endeavour over 8 years ago after graduating from Zurab Tsereteli’s class. Since then, painting has been an integral part of Anastasia’s life and her style has evolved beyond the traditional framework of abstractionism, expressionism and symbolism. The artist conveys her vivid impressions of the visited places, past events and experienced feelings through canvas. By refining her painting technique and experimenting with colour schemes, Anastasia has developed her signature style featuring various combinations of paint application methods and glazing.

Her abstract paintings present a different reality, rich in personal experiences, emotions, and deep colours, and more importantly, filled with the energy of the object depicted, which transfers certain impulses to the viewer. Anastasia travels the world in search of inspiration, exploring the cultures of different countries. For today she has visited more then 45 countries. Basing on her knowledge of philosophy, psychology, and cosmology, the artist visualizes concepts which lie outside the visible reality and touch the viewers’ feelings on a subconscious level. The painter describes chosen artistic style as ‘energo-abstractionism’. Each artwork is a little infinity that leaves room for imagination and carries its unique energetic imprint at the same time.

The artist is active at international exhibitions and contemporary art contests in Russia and abroad. In November 2016 her first solo exhibition, which was a success, took place in the Boccara Gallery, Moscow. In May 2017, Anastasia first introduced her paintings to Japan public at Tokyo Art Fair.


Artist Statement

Anastasia Schipanova is a new phenomenon in Russian contemporary art. She introduces a different understanding of established canons of traditional styles and movements in painting art. Every single work of the artist can be described as a mix of expressionism, symbolism and abstractionism in a vessel of so-called energo-abstractionism, which results in the palette of the artist’s feelings and passions reflected on the canvas. It is a union of everlasting motion and still images. These paintings capture the strongest of emotions and impulses the author had had as she traveled and communicated with people.

Anastasia’s paintings introduce the viewer to the ethereal world of emotions and energy. Every tiny particle of the Universe is endowed with life, motion and soul, and each one is unique. The energy aura of the world around us affects every human by means of impulses, which is what the artist is trying to depict; in other words, to paint a “portrait” of. Anastasia is deeply interested in the variety of human emotions, such as love, belief and passion, and also in the energy pattern of natural phenomena and certain geographical locations, every one of which has gains its own colour and shape.

The basic element of Anastasia’s approach is a blink — a brief moment when consciousness is ready and willing to recreate an image that symbolizes some emotion or mental state. This is why the important aspect of the author’s works is colour. The immense variety of colours, and shades, and painting techniques enables the artist to find an appropriate material form for any kind of energy. Colourful abstract shapes and lines do not limit anyone’s imagination; they merely suggest a certain mood and offer the viewers to guess the meaning of the painting all by themselves.

…My art is an individual cure that can change one’s perception of the world. Every individual can pick the right one for him, and find a period or moment of his life in images invoked by my paintings…

Astrology and metaphysics are two major sources of inspiration for the artist. Anastasia reflected her personal conceptions about energy of cosmos in a series of paintings “Echo of the Universe”. These works show the dynamics and scale of the world that is beyond the limits of human consciousness. The eclectic combination of fluent lines and sporadic sharp brush strokes convey the complexity and mystery of non-material images. This is why every painting can be seen as a minuscule infinity that leaves much to the imagination, and at the same time bears its own energy mark.