Contemporary artist Anastasia Schipanova was born in the small town of Khimki in Russia. Her father, Andrei Shchipanov, is a ship’s captain. Being the daughter of a captain, she spent all her childhood on a boat, which developed her love of nature. Her mother, Elena Shchipanova, being deeply religious, contributed to her daughter’s spiritual development, and daily conversations about God played their role in shaping the future artist’s world view.

At the age of 16, Anastasia showed an obsessive interest in painting, which was developed and encouraged by acquaintances and friends. The artist was noticed by representatives of the art world, and she was invited to creative competitions and art exhibitions. Anastasia Schipanova calls her unusual and modern style energy abstract, thereby opening up a new trend in modern art.

Her canvases focus on the energy component of each work, pushing the boundaries of the ordinary and allowing you to pay attention to the state of your inner world and subtle matters, which are shrouded in energy vibrations. The boundless inspiration of nature and the cosmos is depicted in the paintings, which on prolonged viewing demonstrate movement in stasis.

The artist has always been interested in metaphysics, astrology, nature, and the existence and laws of the Universe. She also graduated as a teacher of psychology and psychologist. She invests all the knowledge she has acquired in the production of her energy portraits. Anastasia Schipanova shows a world which consists of color, images and movement — this is what you see on her canvases. “Each color has a certain vibration, as well as sound, merging with the image; our senses create an emotion that can change the mental outlook, which I want to convey through energy abstract.”

At the age of 26, Anastasia visited her 50th country, the Philippines, became a vegetarian, began paying great attention to ecology and evolution, and started an art project dedicated to finding ways for people to achieve everlasting life, entitled “Eternal Life”.

The idea of combining science and art has already gained considerable attention from the art world.

A scientific and psychological approach is aimed at increasing life expectancy and improving its quality. “In raising the level of consciousness, purifying it, we go through a period of true spiritual maturity and acquire new opportunities to improve our life and the operation of our complete organism as a whole, which in turn directly affects life expectancy.”

The underlined life-affirming concept, framed by a creative component, generating the prospect of a better future, is vividly reflected in the artist’s works.

“I believe that human can live forever.
This idea inspires me.”

Anastasia Schipanova regularly appears on the international scene of contemporary art, she presented expositions for the Monte-Carlo Polo Cub Federation, International Tokyo Art Fire, the Luxembourg Expo, the Moscow Polo Federation Cup, the Paris Expo, Women’s Essence Show (Concomitant event 58th Biennale Di Venice — Palazzo Zenobio), etc. in her collection. The artist organizes solo exhibitions where you can get acquainted with the author’s work in the unique atmosphere of energy abstract – “Echo of the Universe” Boccara Gallery (Moscow, 2016), “Space” Sveta Marlier Gallery (Nice, 2017), “Energy of the Future” Gallery Romanov Dvor (Moscow, 2017) and others.

The Energy Abstract artist Anastasia Schipanova won the Best Artist of the Year award by Fashion TV Awards 2017, was the winner in the MODERN ART category of The Beautiful People Awards 2018, the Artist of the Year by Fashion People’s Awards 2018 (Moscow), winner of the award “WOMAN ART” Woman’s Essence Show 2019 (Concomitant 58th Biennale Di Venice), International Art Prize Awards MICHELANGELO 2019 (Roma) and others.

The artist’s activity is not limited to painting canvases, and she is simultaneously developing her talent in different areas. Since 2016, Anastasia has been conducting her Art-column on the popular People Talk Internet portal, and as a columnist she talks about fashion trends of the world’s main capitals.

In 2018, Anastasia Schipanova made her design debut at the MIR277 show, as part of the largest fashion week at Mercedes Fashion Week Russia, where she presented a natural silk collection of clothes, hand-painted with acrylics based on the paintings from the Echo Universe series.
The artist uses the infinity symbol to sign her work. As a mathematical element, it reflects a fascination with science, simultaneously demonstrating duality, harmony, balance and flexibility, which are found by the artist’s creative response.

Since 2018, multicolored infinity has become the official symbol of energy abstraction.

Pictures by Anastasia Schipanova are held in private collections throughout the world.

“Energy abstract is a style that conveys a multifaceted metaphysical meaning. Pictures have no semantic framework in this style, the viewer’s thinking responds to the impulses of the subconscious, expanding the boundaries of plot perception depicted on the canvas. Each work can be easily described as a small infinity, which leaves the viewer a space for imagination, retaining at the same time its original energy imprint. That is what makes energy abstraction a style with its individual nature.”