Anastasia Schipanova was born on May 11, 1992, in Russia. Her father, Andrei Osipovich Schipanov, is a captain who tests air-cushion vehicles, and her mother, Elena Anatolyevna Schipanova, is an economist. Anastasia holds a degree in psychology, though, following in her mother’s and grandmother’s footsteps, she got her first diploma in economics. Since childhood, Anastasia has been interested in painting and has been surrounded by art. However, throughout her life, art was always somewhere in the background, until it came decisively to the fore.

Anastasia Schipanova was the Fashion TV Awards’ Artist of the Year in 2017, won the Modern Art category at the 2018 Beautiful People Awards, and was named Best Artist of the Year at the 2018 Fashion People Awards.

Anastasia has been painting in the energo-abstractionist style with a hint of op art for more than 10 years; it was she who discovered this area of abstract art. Her art primarily addresses human emotions and feelings. Anastasia has improved her skills at master classes led by the famous artist Zurab Tsereteli.

Abstract paintings visualize reality that cannot be seen or described, but still exists in our world. With the use of oil, the artist transfers the energy imprint of the inspiring object onto the canvas. Color and shape can talk, and images convey a certain meaning. In order to study the culture of various nationalities, Anastasia has visited more than 45 countries.

To sign her paintings, the artist uses the infinitysymbol, which signifies harmony and stability, as well as the striving for the eternal discovery of God. In recent years, metaphysics and astrology have been her main areas of interest.

The limitless inspiration of nature and the cosmos is reflected in paintings that manifest movement in stasis if observed for long enough.

The diverse creative potential of the artist is clear from her professional activities.

For six months in 2017, Anastasia wrote her own art column as an art expert on the popular website People Talk.

In January 2018, the full-length movie “Light up”, directed by famous Kirill Pletnyov, was released in Russia and Europe. Anastasia acted in the movie, and some of her paintings (passion, sky, diamond, miracles of speed, snowstorm, flight) were used as accents in the sets.

On March 11, 2018, at Russia’s biggest fashion week, the Mercedes Fashion Week, Anastasia released her first collection of clothing, which she hand painted using acrylics. The Anastasia Schipanova brand is already somewhat famous, regardless of the limited number of pieces produced.

Anastasia has personal exhibitions both in Russia and abroad and takes part in international group exhibitions of modern art.

On February 7, 2018, when the 44th anniversary of Grenada’s independence was celebrated at the Grenadian embassy, Anastasia Schipanova created an energy portrait of Grenada as an entertaining performance. The painting is in the colors of the country’s flag.

The artist’s paintings can be found in private collections around the world.


“…Our life is subject to laws of the multidimensional space in which we live, but with the consciousness we have, we see only three dimensions…”

True human nature is based on the emanation of energy vibrations.

Everyone has long known that all of us consist of energy, vibrating particles. In fact, our physical bodies, which seem to be solid and resilient, are actually energy vibrating at a certain frequency, which can be clearly seen through high-powered microscopes.

From cymatics research it can be clearly seen how color and sound (which are vibrations) affect human energy vibrations, which in turn define each individual’s level of life.

Vibration is the basis of being. The soul resonates in concert with nature’s vibrations, which can be best expressed through art.

The mind is limited. Art cannot be captured with mental judgements. It is beyond them. Beauty can be fully perceived only at the level of perception and feeling.

Art is the soul of modernity. Soul has no borders; on the contrary, we begin at the point where we seem to disappear, because it is in precisely those rare moments that we become ourselves. That means that we find ourselves in a state of presence, the here and now, and become conscious and able to feel the beauty of the world.

Anastasia Schipanova has invented a new area of modern art called energy abstractionism. This is art based on perception. Feelings are energy. Energy has color, and sometimes shape, and, most importantly, it represents eternal movement. Movement is life.

The artist paints energy portraits of people, places and events with bright colors of dynamic abstraction. The combination of eternal movement in a static picture makes Anastasia’s work easily recognizable. “…nothing starts, and nothing ends, everything just lasts…,” the artist says, relying on knowledge she acquired together with a degree in psychology and a variety of experiments with and observations of consciousness and the subconscious.

“…the subconscious penetrates all of space and is embodied in it…”

We stand on the threshold of a new time. Humanity has acquired a new rhythm of life along with technological progress. Attitudes toward art are also ascending to a new level.

The brightest emotions and energy impulses from events, places and communication with people are reflected in Anastasia’s pictures. You can feel everything on the level of sensations. Through her pieces, Anastasia immerses viewers in an intangible world of feelings and energy.

“…in every tiny particle of the Universe there are life, movement and soul, which make it unique…”

The energy of the environment affects each of us through impulses, which the artist tries to depict by creating their “portraits.” Anastasia’s areas of interest include a variety of human feelings: love, faith and passion, as well as the energy of natural phenomena and certain geographical areas, that have acquired form and color.

The creative activity of an artist is based on the moment, an instantaneous rush to recreate a picture that flashed in the consciousness as the embodiment of a certain emotion or state of mind. Thus, color is an important aspect of Anastasia’s work. Using rich andintense tones, as well as light accents of bright colors, she gives energy a material form. Special attention is paid to blue and red, which can powerfully affect the human mind, providing internal power and energy.

Multicolor abstract shapes and lines provide just a slight hint of a certain state and seem to invite the viewer to think through what the painting is about. “…My pieces are like personalized medicine, capable of changing one’s sense of the world. Everyone can find something for them, a section or fragment of their lives, in the images evoked by the painting…”

Astrology and metaphysics are among the artist’s sources of inspiration. General ideas about cosmic energy are depicted by Anastasia in a series of paintings dedicated to macro- and microcosms. In the artist’s work, one can trace the dynamics and scale of the world at different stages of its existence that the human mind is unable to grasp. The eclectic combination of smooth lines and sharp, isolated touches fully expresses the multifacetedness and mystery of intangible images. This is why each work can easily be described as a small infinity that leaves space for the viewer’s imagination without surrendering its own energetic imprint.